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2011 in review, WordPress version

There I go plucking data from all the Stats pages, and a few hours later WordPress delivers it all preformatted and all. LOL There is one interesting difference between my hand-crafted summary and the WP one: According to the summary, … Continue reading

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Paleonturology 2011

This morning, I received an email that triggered three different reaction in about 9 seconds: “Must be SPAM”, “Must be a practical joke”, and finally “WOW!” What’s this about?

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Along the Backbone

Along the backbone Matt Bonnan’s new blog – it’s a companion to a podcast series that explores the evolution of vertebrate anatomy, from bones to brains, through deep time. Here’s Episode 1: Who’s Afraid of Evolution? Well worth a read!

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New mammal at fault: Slow blogging days ahead

Due to a new mammals from Berlin, Germany, blogging will be slow for the next few days. I have some Pic of the Day posts set up for your enjoyment. 🙂

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It’s time to get this show on the road!

Greeeting y’all! And welcome all that da*n foreigners from other sciences! (kudos to Jeff Foxworthy) About a year ago I started the PE Blog for the world’s first fully electronic (and, btw, free for authors and readers!) palaeontological journal Palaeontologia … Continue reading

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