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Gator track photogrammetry – really WOW!

I’ve known for a long time that photogrammetry works really well for tracks. Both because work done by others was great, and because my own attempts worked out beautifully (see here, scroll way down for a swan track model. Or … Continue reading

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Lazing on a sunny afternoon…..

I don’t know why – or maybe I do – but I tend to NOT photograph crocodiles in zoos. Here’s one of the rare exceptions. False gharial (Tomistoma schlegeli) lazing in the Tierpark Berlin. I guess crocs rarely trigger my … Continue reading

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RBINS: the rest

Previously, I showed you an overview and a look at the inguanodons in the RBINS, as well as some photogrammetry play on their T. rex mount, and some of their other dinosaur. Oh yeah, and the whales. Today, I just … Continue reading

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