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stuff you need to read

just a not-quite-random selection – in fact, not random at all, just without any pretence to be anything like complete: blog posts of the last few weeks that I found to be especially important, interesting, or informative. First of all … Continue reading

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Cool blogs

Being a very inexperienced blogger I have to admit that I basically “know nothing” about the so-called blogosphere. Every day I stumble across some blog ‘everybody’ knows – just not me! And there is so much great stuff out there, … Continue reading

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More “press” for my talk

It’s been a while now that I gave my SVP talk and posted about it (part 1, part 2, part 3). And that means that the (excellent) Nature News article has seeped down into the abysses of the Internet. The … Continue reading

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Along the Backbone

Along the backbone Matt Bonnan’s new blog – it’s a companion to a podcast series that explores the evolution of vertebrate anatomy, from bones to brains, through deep time. Here’s Episode 1: Who’s Afraid of Evolution? Well worth a read!

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