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Illiteracy, bad faith or gobbledygook? Chinese whispers of my talk

There is a wonderful table floating around the Internet that translates key words used by scientists, but also gives the terms usually erroneously understood by the public. I don’t remember where I got it from, I have to admit. it … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 1: CMNH T. rexes

Over at Archosaur Musings my esteemed colleague Dave Hone has just published a series of posts on the Carnegie Museum of Natural History‘s (CMNH) Tyrannosaurs rex mounts. That’s stealing my thunder; I had a wonderful visit to the CMNH in … Continue reading

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Mammal pic of the day 6: giraffe galore!

The Berlin Tierpark has a large giraffe group, with regular F1s and F2s. Here’s some pics of them, because they are, after all, the longest-necked mammals. admittedly, compared to a proper long-necked saurischian such as a sauropod or some theropods, … Continue reading

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