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Dinosaur mounts at the NHM L.A.: Camptosaurus

As I am writing this, more and more remarks on the general layout of the hall creep in. I promised to discuss the Camptosaurus next, and I am too lazy to remove those remarks and turn them into a post … Continue reading

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Science preview elucidation

Yesterday I showed you a sneak preview on some research I am doing. That triggered some rather incredulous emails and private messages, especially after I hinted in a comment that the artificial track is from Plateosaurus. After all, Plateosaurus lived … Continue reading

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A few pictures on a busy day

Sebastian and I had a busy day today, finishing up the giraffe front limb. It went smoothly, much better than the forelimb, and thus we had to bother John of the Freezers much less than I had feared. In sum, … Continue reading

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RBINS Tour 1: Bernissart iguanodons

Going by memory here, please correct me if I am wrong! The RBINS hides behind one of the ugliest buildings in Brussels – and that’s saying a lot! In fact, The Ugly is the collections tower (says a friend who … Continue reading

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Currently, I am in Brussels. Yeah, in Belgium. Eric Snively and I are taking a nice trip to a bunch of great places, and Brussels is our first stop. We arrived yesterday in a nice little rental car, an Audi … Continue reading

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Dinopic of the Day 18: Iguasnowdon, the Ornithischian Who Came in from the Cold

The Ornithischian Who Came in from the Cold: The Iguanodon model in front of the Berlin Aquarium – previously shown without snow here.

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The MFN Berlin 1: Introduction

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, my host institution, is one of the Big Five natural history museums in the world. And whereas the other four on the list, the AMNH, NMNH, NHM and MNHN, are well known to most people … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 3: Run, even if you can’t!

Quite a while ago I promised to write some posts on the MFN‘s exhibition. Here’s one more snippet.

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