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Photogrammetry tutorial 12: my workflow for Agisoft Photoscan as a diagram

The last tutorial on how to handle a project in Agisoft Photoscan Pro describes all the steps I usually do in some detail. Here, I’ll show you a flow diagram, which gives a nice concise overview for those who do … Continue reading

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Speeding up Photoscan’s dense cloud generation, 2018 version

Previously, if you wished to speed up the dense cloud creation by altering the settings for the number of pairs for the depth filtering, you had to use a rather complicated approach, and it only worked in the Pro version. … Continue reading

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Photogrammetry tutorial 12: How to preserve strike and dip or cardinal directions in your 3D model

Photogrammetry is a really nice and easy way of surface digitizing specimens in collections, but also useful in the field. Recently, Marie Attard, a colleague working in England, asked me to help with a project that deals with rock surface … Continue reading

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Photogrammetry tutorial add-on: The consequences of optimizing a sparse point cloud

If you build a photogrammetric model following the workflow I suggest in this post, one of the steps is optimizing the sparse point cloud (tie point cloud) via gradual selection and deletion of points. Here’s why that matters. Below you … Continue reading

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Photogrammetry tutorial 11: How to handle a project in Agisoft Photoscan

EDIT October 21, 2018 Up to speed with the latest version of Photoscan. Note that there is a novel, experimental mesh creation method. I am not (yet) happy with it, therefore it is ignored here. Also see Workflow Tutorial post … Continue reading

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Photogrammetry tutorial 10: an improved method for mid-sized objects

Last December I was granted a sack full of money by the Senatskanzlei Berlin for the 2015 digiS programme. I’ll soon post more about that; what matters for this post is that I promised to mass digitize the rather unwieldy … Continue reading

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Photogrammetry tutorial 9: Quick and dirty!

Over the course of previous tutorials and in my paper with Oliver Wings I’ve given quite a bit of advice on how to photogrammetrize objects properly. Today, I’ll address the other end of the spectrum: how to approach photogrammetry unprepared … Continue reading

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