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Going to Tristan the T. rex’s dig site

I guess it was kinda hard to miss that the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin is getting a real Tyrannosaurus rex. I’ll have much to say about the beast here on dinosaurpalaeo over the course of the next few years. … Continue reading

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Fall & sun – ideal photography conditions

A sunny day in fall – that’s the best you can have for just walking around with your camera. Or even staying at home…. Just sayin’. Looking out our living room window. The yellow leaves shine like gold. View from … Continue reading

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Wyoming Wildlife 5: dragonflies!

Yeah, I know, I am tossing those extant critters at you like there’s no tomorrow. Patience, young palaeo-padawan, dinosaurs to come. I mean to get the extant stuff done ASAP. What, you don’t like creepy crawly critters? OK, I’ll have … Continue reading

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