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Another science sneak preview update

Dieser Beitrag aud Deutsch. It has been deathly quiet here, because I was desperately trying to finish my paper. It was due on April 30, and that deadline wooshed by spectacularly. However, I managed to get the thing into a … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 46: KNUT!!!

Ok, this is overdue since Friday, and it is not something I will say much about, but here’s Knut. Why am I not saying much? For one thing, the museum has an official opinion, and I agree with the general … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 41: more of Urzeit Park’s Cenozoic

The Urzeit Park in Germendorf has been featured before. Today it is finally time for the remaining pictures of their mammal models and other post-K/T stuff. Let’s start with the animals I had previously figured, but with better photos. Paraceratherium. As … Continue reading

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