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Theropod Thursday 47: who’s that bird?

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch. No, not what you think….. so think twice before posting a comment!

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Mystery photo 6

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Mystery photo 5

it is hard to spot, and hopefully harder to identify, but there is an animal in this picture. And all the information you need to identify it, too. Good luck!

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Mystery photo 4

well, what is this?

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Mystery photo 3

A simple question this time: Who’s hiding here? Photo taken today at Zoo Berlin.

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Mystery photo 2

This one is way easier: What’s this? HINT: it is NOT a weird kind of Tartan track. closer view:

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Mystery photo 1.1

OK, here and on facebook the edible gourds were recognized, but it seems not even DML readers have any inkling how this relates to dinosaurs. OK, wider-angle photo: NOW it is real easy!

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