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No, not what you think. I’m not going to talk about going out, drinking and dancing – while my blog sometimes strays pretty far from dinosaurs (for which I got scolded by a certain Peter F. from the UK), “clubbing” … Continue reading

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NHM Dinosaur Hall: lower level rant

I am not going to stoop to the level of making stupid jokes about “going down a level” when I walked from the raised walkway in the NHM Dinosaur Hall to the rest of the exhibit. Never! Not me! Nah…… … Continue reading

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NHM London: the building (outside)

I’ve written about the NHM‘s exhibitions before, and there is a post to come on the dinosaur exhibition’s lower level. Today, I’ll rave a bit about the building. I’m always delighted by facade details on buildings built as museums. Humanities … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 15: theropods of the NHM London

We’ve had this one before, but it is so cool that I’ll start this post with it: Allosaurus peeking around the pillars in the NHM Dinosaur Hall.

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A few pictures on a busy day

Sebastian and I had a busy day today, finishing up the giraffe front limb. It went smoothly, much better than the forelimb, and thus we had to bother John of the Freezers much less than I had feared. In sum, … Continue reading

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NHM London – what did I LIKE?

This post was planned for tomorrow, but as it seems I have made a lot of people unhappy with my last one I’ll fire it off as soon as I am done writing. Wouldn’t want anyone to get/retain the impression … Continue reading

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HNM London – analysis of a minor disappointment

Last post I noted that I was disappointed by the Natural History Museum in London. Now, I want to expound on this a bit, and shows you a bunch of nice photos. As I said, it is a great museum! … Continue reading

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