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GSA’s single article access scam

Note: I am not using the word scam in a legal sense here, but as an everyday language term. Maybe a case could be made that GSA’s behavior is in fact fraudulent, but I believe such a case would fail … Continue reading

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Taylor & Franics misrepresents DFG guidelines on Open Access – an innocent error?

Thursday, April 17, 2014, I received an email from Vicky Gardner of Taylor&Francis ( inviting me to participate in a survey regarding Open Access Mandates. Here’s the email’s text: Dear Heinrich Mallison, Tell us what you know for a chance … Continue reading

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Holding hands with Plateosaurus

Although I did not start my professional career in palaeontology as a dinosaur researcher, but (can you believe it?) as a palaeobotanist, the Upper Triassic basal sauropodomorph dinosaur Plateosaurus engelhardti from Central Europe has been accompanying me for a very … Continue reading

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Open Access Week – Royal Society Publishing lets us access >68,000 articles

I’ve said bad things about some for-pay publishers in the past, and I will continue saying bad things about them if I think they screw up. Some of them do good things, too, though. here’s one:   Well, AT THEM! … Continue reading

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Open Access publishing: when the interests of scientist and employer collide

About a week ago Lou Woodley (@LouWoodley) of asked on twitter what experiences scientists have with Open Access publishing. I was made aware of her tweet by Jon Tennant (@ProtoHedghog – thanks, Jon!), and wrote her a long email … Continue reading

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Must read article: predatory OA publishers (again)

I’ve written about this before; here’s now J. Beall’s take for nature. Predatory publishers are corrupting open access and Jeff Beall is right on target!

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Predatory Open-Access Publishers?

In the course of the last two or so years I have received a lot of emails from publishers. With one exceptions, I have never heard of the journal and press before. For edited books it is the same pattern: … Continue reading

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