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A more detailed take on Pinus macro photogrammetry

Previously, I described a few photogrammetry tests I did with a macro lens, but I didn’t go into the technical details much. Some people have asked me how exactly I took the photos, so here’s the detailed description. First of … Continue reading

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Photogrammetry with a macro lens

So far, most of my photogrammetry efforts have dealt with specimens in the several centimetre to meter range. Bones, skulls, entire skeletons. The smallest models I created were of ammonites – more on that currently on-hold project later – with … Continue reading

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Fall & sun – ideal photography conditions

A sunny day in fall – that’s the best you can have for just walking around with your camera. Or even staying at home…. Just sayin’. Looking out our living room window. The yellow leaves shine like gold. View from … Continue reading

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Botany photo break

Summer finally arrived in Germany, and I used yesterday’s sunny weather to take some photos of plants and insects in our garden. Mainly because I wanted to see if the many hints and tips on photographing these things I found … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 26: more raven

Just now I posted my recent shots of a wild raven, in Berlin of all places. Just for fun, here are my until-then only wild raven photos from Rügen.

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EAVP 2012 dinosaur track field trip

Yesterday, I went on the 1st Field Trip to various dinosaur track sites. It was a very nicely organized trip, and I’d like to thank the organizers Alberto Cobos, Rafael Royo-Torres and Francisco ‘Paco’ Gascó (and anyone else I missed) … Continue reading

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more of Katharo plain in Crete

Continuing from yesterday’s post, here’s a few more photos of the dig site on the Katharo plain, and of the flora there. the dig site. I was inactive, and an advance crew had to uncover it for our visit. I … Continue reading

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A few pictures from Crete for a quiet Saturday

I’ve not posted much the last few days. The reasons are legion, but the looming EAVP meeting (need to finish talk), finishing touches for a paper, and generally being overworked have contributed. Add to that the football games every evening, … Continue reading

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