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more Juramuseum & the Kulturgutschutzgesetz

The previous post about the Juramuseum was full of fish, although it did end with a few higher vertebrates. All flattened, though. This time, there’ll be more higher verts, and the spineless stuff will be in 3D! Let’s start with … Continue reading

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GSA’s single article access scam

Note: I am not using the word scam in a legal sense here, but as an everyday language term. Maybe a case could be made that GSA’s behavior is in fact fraudulent, but I believe such a case would fail … Continue reading

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RTFP becomes RTFS – on mis-citations and mis-representations in scientific works

Here’s a topic that has started to peeve me a lot, lately. It is a spin-off, or rather a development out of, the old RTFP adage. RTFP means Read the …. paper (I’ll leave it to your imagination what the … Continue reading

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What NOT to do when writing a review

Current event make me want to put out a short, incomplete list of a few things you should never do as a reviewer: do not take text out of context do not paraphrase so that the meaning changes do not … Continue reading

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The place is a zoo – the Tiergarten Berlin debate

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch. Recently, some journalists and politicians in Berlin started a big debate about the Tierpark Berlin: should it be closed, or what else should be done about it losing money? Does Berlin need the Tierpark, and can … Continue reading

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Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch. The post below is in part a bit cryptic. Specifically, I leave you in the dark with regards to the exact specimen and what is so interesting about it. There’s good reasons for that, so bear … Continue reading

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How not to build an abstract submission webpage

It is that time of year: all palaeontologists in the English-speaking world try to predict the future, and know now what brand-new and interesting research results they will have found by late fall. That’s for submitting an abstract for the … Continue reading

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