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Stegosaur photogrammetry – more WOW!

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch. Last year, I spent a great day at the RBINS (Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences), a day during which I took tons of photos. Of their Iguanodons, of their other dinosaurs, specifically of their Stan … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 40: Freeze!

In order to break the long row of avian dinosaur posts on Thursdays it is today time for a Theropod from the Freezer: Cryolophosaurus! Yeah, you’ve seen this shot before if you are a long-time reader of dinosaurpalaeo. Today, I’ll … Continue reading

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More RBINS Photogrammetry

Recently, I posted the RBINS T. rex mount ‘Stan’ as a photogrammetry model. Here’s another mount as a LOW-res photogrammetry model. I didn’t edit this at all, except for cutting away the surroundings and some of the foreground artifacts. It’s … Continue reading

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RBINS: the rest

Previously, I showed you an overview and a look at the inguanodons in the RBINS, as well as some photogrammetry play on their T. rex mount, and some of their other dinosaur. Oh yeah, and the whales. Today, I just … Continue reading

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RBINS photogrammetry: Stan

I’ve been playing around with photogrammetry a lot, lately, and use the opportunity in Brussels to take a ton of pictures of the many mounts. Of the cast of Stan the Tyrannosaurus rex I took some 350 photos! Some of … Continue reading

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RBINS Tour 3: a whaleth of skeletons!

Nope, not a typo, but a stupid play on words. The RBINS has a pretty awesome and well-stocked exhibit of whales. There’s a whale in the entrance hall, but hidden away on the top floor in the farthest-away corner is … Continue reading

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RBINS Tour 2: other dinosaurs

The Brussels museum has more to show than iguanodons, much more. Today, I want to walk you through the dinosaurs very quickly, although I have to admit that I was only looking at complete mounts during this trip (reasons remains … Continue reading

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