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Palaeontology of SW Germany 3.1: Lias

“What the heck is a Lias?” Until 1973(!) the Jurassic of Germany was officially structured using Friedrich August von Quenstedt‘s scheme: Lias, Dogger, Malm. A reminiscence of the Trias of Friedrich August von Alberti. However, each section had to be … Continue reading

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Palaeontology of SW Germany 2.1: what rocks are there to find stuff in?

As I explained last time, there are really only Triassic and Jurassic rocks available for fossil hunting around Stuttgart. There is a tiny smattering of Permian Zechstein to be found in a few places, and there are a few Late … Continue reading

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Another preview of palaeontology from southern Germany

I’m off to London again today, to tackle the forelimb of the giraffe. Expect more gory pictures….. Until then, here’s another preview of the upcoming series of posts on the palaeo I grew up with. An ammonite “pavement” from the … Continue reading

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An unintentional, plateosaurid Christmas present

Someone unintentionally gave me a Christmas present, and it has Plateosaurus in it – what more can I ever want?

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