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Another science sneak preview update

Dieser Beitrag aud Deutsch. It has been deathly quiet here, because I was desperately trying to finish my paper. It was due on April 30, and that deadline wooshed by spectacularly. However, I managed to get the thing into a … Continue reading

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Science sneak preview update

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch. the fiddling pays off: hind limb muscles of Plateosaurus engelhardti, with some corrections made following hints from my colleagues Vivian Allen and John R. ‘The Hutch’ Hutchinson, and with wrapping objects in. This one is ready … Continue reading

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Another science sneak preview

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch. fiddling with a SIMM model. I am adding the wrap objects that make sure muscles do not run through bones or other muscles. And let me tell you: it is a bother!

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Science preview elucidation

Yesterday I showed you a sneak preview on some research I am doing. That triggered some rather incredulous emails and private messages, especially after I hinted in a comment that the artificial track is from Plateosaurus. After all, Plateosaurus lived … Continue reading

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Science sneak preview

A sneak preview on some of the science stuff I do. The track is the type of Eubrontes (?) glenrosensis SHULER, published by Adams et al. in Palaeontologia Electronica in 2010. The toes in it – that’ll have to wait, … Continue reading

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Science sneak preview No. 1

I spent yesterday and today with old-time colleagues in Bremen, working on something. Here’s a sneak preview – paper to come 🙂 Aside from the work we found time for an excellent Greek dinner and a lot of old-time stories … Continue reading

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