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more Juramuseum & the Kulturgutschutzgesetz

The previous post about the Juramuseum was full of fish, although it did end with a few higher vertebrates. All flattened, though. This time, there’ll be more higher verts, and the spineless stuff will be in 3D! Let’s start with … Continue reading

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My absolutely wonderful Christmas presents from Claudia Hahn

Claudia Hahn is a great artist (you find her on Facebook or twitter @Claudia_Hahn). Out of the blue she sent Christmas presents for the kids and me. The ones for the children are already on Facebook. Here’s what I got, … Continue reading

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Palaeontology of SW Germany 3.1.8: a whopper of a fossil

Welcome to 2013 on dinosaurpalaeo! I’ll start the year with one whopper of a fossil from the Urweltmuseum Hauff. A Seirocrinus subangularis colony (great NHM page on the genus here), just your old sessile, filter-feeding crinoids, a long-stemmed variant that … Continue reading

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Paleontology of SW Germany 3.1.2: more Lias

Last post got us through the Lias α. I have nothing to say about the β and γ, as they are rarely exposed and thus I have no fossils to show from my own collection. Similarly the Lias δ is … Continue reading

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Palaeontology of SW Germany 3.1: Lias

“What the heck is a Lias?” Until 1973(!) the Jurassic of Germany was officially structured using Friedrich August von Quenstedt‘s scheme: Lias, Dogger, Malm. A reminiscence of the Trias of Friedrich August von Alberti. However, each section had to be … Continue reading

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Wyoming Wildlife 3: arthropod alarm!

Luckily, we had few of these around. I am a vertebrate palaeontologist.

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The Ozeaneum in Stralsund part 4

Yes, you’ve suffered through enough of this – but don’t get your hopes up, I have some more photos for a final part. And 200+ photos more of the old Meeresmuseum to post 😀 Here’s the link list for the … Continue reading

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The Ozeaneum in Stralsund part 2

Enough whales for now in this series of posts. Once you get up t the top level of the museum there is an exhibit on “The World Ocean – Diversity of life”. Sadly, as all exhibits in the Ozeanuem, it … Continue reading

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Some geo-architecture in London

pre-scheduled; I am in Teruel for EAVP meeting. Last time, it was plants. This time, it’s fossils! OK, it’s just a tube station, but what a tube station it is 🙂

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Palaeontology of SW Germany 2.1: what rocks are there to find stuff in?

As I explained last time, there are really only Triassic and Jurassic rocks available for fossil hunting around Stuttgart. There is a tiny smattering of Permian Zechstein to be found in a few places, and there are a few Late … Continue reading

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A few pictures on a busy day

Sebastian and I had a busy day today, finishing up the giraffe front limb. It went smoothly, much better than the forelimb, and thus we had to bother John of the Freezers much less than I had feared. In sum, … Continue reading

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Another preview of palaeontology from southern Germany

I’m off to London again today, to tackle the forelimb of the giraffe. Expect more gory pictures….. Until then, here’s another preview of the upcoming series of posts on the palaeo I grew up with. An ammonite “pavement” from the … Continue reading

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Urzeit Park’s Palaeozoic

We’ve had a look at Urzeit Park as a whole, and at all the Jurassic models, now is the time to address the next period – or rather, periods. I’ll lump all the Palaeozoic, because the total number of models … Continue reading

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Places I’ve been, dinosaurs I’ve seen 5.2: more SMA

Today, I would like to talk a bit about a part of the Sauriermuseum‘s exhibition that has little to do with dinosaurs. The museum is not designed to be one huge, monolithic permanent exhibition supplemented by a tiny “special exhibit” … Continue reading

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Stained-glass fishes: the rest

Here’s the remaining 7 stained-glass windows with fish motives from the Berlin Aquarium. Enjoy!

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