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London Zoo 1

I really should start this series of posts with one that gives my general impression of the London Zoo and all that, but I am simply too busy right now. Thus it will be photo-heavy posts on individual animals (or … Continue reading

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London Zoo preview

Busy, busy, busy here – thus just a short preview of posts to come on the London Zoo.

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Coming up: giraffe times at the RVC

Tomorrow I am heading over to London to spend a few days with John of the Freezers Hutchinson and Vivian Allen at the Royal Veterinary College. We’ll be doing SIMM modelling of giraffe limbs – yay! You may remember that … Continue reading

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Zion National Park part 2

Before I get this post about my Zion NP visit started let me first link a few very handy sites for the park. Here is the National Park Service homepage for Zion NP, on which you can find all you … Continue reading

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Zion National Park part 1

Finally, I am getting around to posting properly on my visit to Zion National Park (wiki) last summer. Previously there was a teaser post, which to my utter surprise sees a lot of visitors, and I just posted a bunch of … Continue reading

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On the way to Zion National Park

Today, I am interrupting the irregular series of posts on the Posidonia Shale for a few photos from last summer’s work trip to Utah. For one thing I need a break from all the Urweltmuseum Hauff stuff. Another reason is … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 40: Freeze!

In order to break the long row of avian dinosaur posts on Thursdays it is today time for a Theropod from the Freezer: Cryolophosaurus! Yeah, you’ve seen this shot before if you are a long-time reader of dinosaurpalaeo. Today, I’ll … Continue reading

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Paleontology of SW Germany 3.1.3: even more Lias

and we will stay stuck in the Lias ε for a loooooong time! Simply because it is so choke-full of wonderful fossils, and because I have tons of photos of them. The last post ended in the urweltmuseum fischer, so … Continue reading

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Back home from Teruel

…and it was great fun! My flight there was horrible, the trip back somewhat better, but the stay was awesome 🙂 I got to visit one of the satellite museums of Dinopolis, and found an hour yesterday morning to walk … Continue reading

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PaleonTurolog ’12 & El Plateosaurus virtual

Yesterday I finally made it to Teruel again, 31 hours late thanks to the airline’s being totally surprise by white stuff falling from the sky in winter. I arrived at 11 pm, had  a wonderful dinner with Luis Alcalá and … Continue reading

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Paleontology of SW Germany 3.1.2: more Lias

Last post got us through the Lias α. I have nothing to say about the β and γ, as they are rarely exposed and thus I have no fossils to show from my own collection. Similarly the Lias δ is … Continue reading

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Palaeontology of SW Germany 3.1: Lias

“What the heck is a Lias?” Until 1973(!) the Jurassic of Germany was officially structured using Friedrich August von Quenstedt‘s scheme: Lias, Dogger, Malm. A reminiscence of the Trias of Friedrich August von Alberti. However, each section had to be … Continue reading

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Digging Wyoming dinosaurs – accessories

If you go to the American West to dig dinosaurs, what clothing do you need to take? And, for those so inclined, what about stuff beyond the pure need to survive? let me give you some pointers (some a bit … Continue reading

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some more Wyoming dinosaurs

We didn’t find much in the Aathal Museum’s Dana Quarry part this summer, but there are abundant finds still to make. Some finds from within the quarry I showed earlier; today I’ll show you a find made on the same … Continue reading

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Digging Wyoming dinosaurs – camp life

This summer’s dig at Dana Quarry’s finds having been shown it is now time for some photos of camp life. Here’s a nice view of the camp. On the left is a large, flat area, mostly bulldozed debris from the … Continue reading

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