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A revival?

Yeah, once again I write that it has been awfully quiet here, that I have been and am hellishly busy. All true, just as it was last time. And the time before. In fact, my workload has gone up, not … Continue reading

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My “self-built” photogrammetry rig

There are a large number of companies out there selling a large number of different scanners employing all kinds of methods for 3D scanning. LIDAR scanners, structured light scanners, small laser scanners, mechanical arms with and without lasers attached, (semi-)automated … Continue reading

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Urgent: Please reply! Can you get a bad reputation from poor academic etiquette?

Originally posted on The Contemplative Mammoth:
Academics juggle a lot of balls. The absent-minded professor stereotype is, for some of us, an apt one. Because our jobs involve multiple independent demands on our time, we’re often tossed (or hold on…

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All but one – Archaeopteryx from the MfN special exhibit UPDATED

The article previously published here has led to misunderstandings; some saw it as sharp criticism of the MfN. In fact, the issue was not even central to the article. If anything, I wanted to laud the MfN for making the … Continue reading

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Stuff to check out

Busy busy busy here. Thus, only a few links to check out today: cool vid, showing what you can do with Photoscan and 3dsMax. Funny result, too. David Maas of brainpets was at EVA 2012 Berlin, too. And he sketched … Continue reading

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Mystery photo 1

From time to time I will post images of mystery objects – your task is to guess what they are. Anything that may be found in a museum or is in any(!) way dinosaur related is game.   So, here’s … Continue reading

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off to the field!

I’m off to Wyoming in a few hours, to dig dinosaurs! YAY!   Back on August 23; I have one post set up for in between.

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How the Museum für Naturkunde increased public awareness of its existance

Post at BXP.

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Scott Hartmann says it all on the aquatic dinosaur nonsense

There’s been a lot of  excitement today about a rather nonsensical article in Lab news (link to digital version here). Supposedly, all us paleontologists are morons, and dinosaurs all lived in water. Other media picked it up, too, to their … Continue reading

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Re-blog from Archosaur Musings: Archaeopteryx

Originally posted on Dave Hone's Archosaur Musings:
I have managed to get decent pictures of nearly every Archaeopteryx specimen on here at one time or another. For those who have missed out, there’s Daiting, Eichstaett, London, Bergermeister-Mueller, Thermopolis, the…

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Mammal Monday 6: cute carnivore

Cute and carnivorous, how do these go together? Via a babyface! Look, ain’t it cute?

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Laugh or weep: the Daily Show uncovers what Science is really up to!

You gotta see this! Utter hilarity – if it wasn’t so serious a problem right now.

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Theropod Thursday 2: biggest extant theropod

I recently got an angry email from a BANDit (or rather, MANIAC [maniraptorans are not in actuality coelurosaurs]) believer when I called a bird a theropod. Well, for a good take-down of BANDitry up to that date, see Prum 2003. … Continue reading

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Dinopic of the day 11: SMA beauties 1

When Hans-Jakob “Kirby” Siber re-opened the famous Howe Quarry near Shell, Wyoming, he did so in the secure knowledge that there was a lot of good stuff still in the ground. Today, some of that good stuff is on exhibit … Continue reading

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Mammal pic of the day 4: YAWN!!!!!!!

A tired Hylobates lar (Lar gibbon or White-handed gibbon) in the Tierpark Berlin. Awesome teeth!

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