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I thought I knew what ACAB means

Walking from the msueum to my car I recently happened upon a trashcan in a public park. It had some grafitti on it, and lots of stickers. One read ACAB, which normally means All Cops Are Bastards. Not a sentiment … Continue reading

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GSA’s single article access scam

Note: I am not using the word scam in a legal sense here, but as an everyday language term. Maybe a case could be made that GSA’s behavior is in fact fraudulent, but I believe such a case would fail … Continue reading

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RTFP becomes RTFS – on mis-citations and mis-representations in scientific works

Here’s a topic that has started to peeve me a lot, lately. It is a spin-off, or rather a development out of, the old RTFP adage. RTFP means Read the …. paper (I’ll leave it to your imagination what the … Continue reading

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Science preview elucidation

Yesterday I showed you a sneak preview on some research I am doing. That triggered some rather incredulous emails and private messages, especially after I hinted in a comment that the artificial track is from Plateosaurus. After all, Plateosaurus lived … Continue reading

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Mystery photo 5

it is hard to spot, and hopefully harder to identify, but there is an animal in this picture. And all the information you need to identify it, too. Good luck!

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Mammal Monday 40: U shittin’ me?

this one provoked much laughter, especially with the kids.  

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Pumpkin Dinosaurs galore!

Mystery photo 1, the pumpkin stegosaur, has many brothers. Can you name them all?

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