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China 2014 part 1

My colleague Michael Pittman is a young, ambitious and smart researcher who has done some very nice work on tail stiffness in archosaurs. Now, Michael has a grant going for a project that expands on his previous work, and there … Continue reading

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A wonderful Plateosaurus drawing

Currently, I am horribly busy and thus not able to blog much. But here I have something that I must show you, now that I have finally managed to scan it. click for larger size Last fall I received this … Continue reading

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Photogrammetry tutorial 6: building a model from the photos

EDIT 12 May 2015: Please see this post for an update of some of the methods described below! Sometimes, a specimen is better dealt with without a turntable, even though it theoretically could go on one! We’ve been through the … Continue reading

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