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Laugh or weep: the Daily Show uncovers what Science is really up to!

You gotta see this! Utter hilarity – if it wasn’t so serious a problem right now.

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Why Full Open Access Matters

There is a Perspecitves article on PLoS Biology titled “Why Full Open Access Matters“, by Michael W. Carroll. Worth a read. In fact, I learned some facts from this that shocked me. – Access to scholarly journals, instead of getting … Continue reading

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Stoking and smoothing my press dislike

As you probably have already gathered from my previous posts I am usually no big friend of the press, or rather of its members. There have been a number of laudable exceptions (one example here), and as my career progresses … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 3

Let me start with a sad update on Mammal Monday 1: it already happened in April, but I only heard now that the little rock-climbing elephant and her sister have both died ofherpes. There is a very ugly story to … Continue reading

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More “press” for my talk

It’s been a while now that I gave my SVP talk and posted about it (part 1, part 2, part 3). And that means that the (excellent) Nature News article has seeped down into the abysses of the Internet. The … Continue reading

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Theropod attacks!

Dan Chure (of, among many other things, Dinosaur National Monument [boring gov link, wikipedia is better for a quick overview] blog fame) just sent a link to the Dinosaur Mailing List about theropods attacking humans. I’ve seen crows divebomb people, … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 2: biggest extant theropod

I recently got an angry email from a BANDit (or rather, MANIAC [maniraptorans are not in actuality coelurosaurs]) believer when I called a bird a theropod. Well, for a good take-down of BANDitry up to that date, see Prum 2003. … Continue reading

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