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EAVP 2016 at Haarlem’s Teylers Museum (1)

After all the recent photogrammetry posts it is high time to get away from “stuff that somehow has to do with dinosaurs a little bit” and finally write again about dinosaurs themselves. Which is why I now will write about … Continue reading

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a selfie (digiS2016)

I rarely take selfies. Mostly because I hate being photographed, but also because I do not see the need to show everyone in the world everything I do. Here’s one, though, that I just had to take, mostly in order … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 52: pulling a leg! Erhm….rather: pulling a tail!

Hungry I am. An aardwolf (Proteles cristata), too. A hungry aardwolf. Yep, that’s it. A hungry aardwolf. Now get me my food. Now! This is the elusive critter that David Hone, my esteemed colleague with plenty of zoo experience, and … Continue reading

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Wolves at Wildpark Tambach

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch. I’ve shown you the lynxes, so now after the felid predator it is time for more of the canid predator: Canis lupus lupus, the Eurasian wolf! Previous pics are here. The pups were just old enough … Continue reading

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non-raptors at the Wildpark Tambach

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch. I’ve covered the raptor flight show at the wonderful Wildpark Tambach near Coburg before, as well as the lynxes; now it is time for an overview of what else the place has to offer. As is … Continue reading

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Today my camera got drunk!

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch. Here’s a photo I took today that clearly shows my camera must have come into contact with strong liquor. Blurry and double vision, anyone?

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Mammal Monday 50: yummy theropod!

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch. Aside from some cool theropods small and larger, the Wildpark Tambach has lots of mammals on show. Not on shows, though. Obviously, typical Central European large ruminants, specifically cervids, supplemented by a species originally restricted to … Continue reading

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