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EAVP 2016 at Haarlem’s Teylers Museum (2)

In the first post of this series I gave a short introduction to the town of Haarlem (NL), because although it is not very dinosaurian or otherwise palaeontological, and thus should not get a post of its own, it does … Continue reading

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EAVP 2016 at Haarlem’s Teylers Museum (1)

After all the recent photogrammetry posts it is high time to get away from “stuff that somehow has to do with dinosaurs a little bit” and finally write again about dinosaurs themselves. Which is why I now will write about … Continue reading

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Photogrammetry with a macro lens

So far, most of my photogrammetry efforts have dealt with specimens in the several centimetre to meter range. Bones, skulls, entire skeletons. The smallest models I created were of ammonites – more on that currently on-hold project later – with … Continue reading

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The place is a zoo – the Tiergarten Berlin debate

Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch. Recently, some journalists and politicians in Berlin started a big debate about the Tierpark Berlin: should it be closed, or what else should be done about it losing money? Does Berlin need the Tierpark, and can … Continue reading

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My absolutely wonderful Christmas presents from Claudia Hahn

Claudia Hahn is a great artist (you find her on Facebook or twitter @Claudia_Hahn). Out of the blue she sent Christmas presents for the kids and me. The ones for the children are already on Facebook. Here’s what I got, … Continue reading

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what a difference three days make!

remember my beautiful-fall-colors photos? Three days later I took these: goes to show that even if you get sub-zero temps and solid cloud cover there are tons of photo opportunities out there! Fall rules!

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Fall & sun – ideal photography conditions

A sunny day in fall – that’s the best you can have for just walking around with your camera. Or even staying at home…. Just sayin’. Looking out our living room window. The yellow leaves shine like gold. View from … Continue reading

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An ode to TXL

Tomorrow in a week I will leave Berlin for Teruel in Spain, to attend the 2012 10th Annual meeting of the EAVP (European Association of Vertebrate Palaeontologists). I’ll surely blog about the meeting later, for now I would like to … Continue reading

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