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Theropod Thursday 20: taking a stand

Sometimes, it is a bit confusing when people use human terms – anatomical but also vernacular – for animals. “dorsally” comes to mind, when people use it interchangeably with “cranially”. In humans it’s the same direction, in most animals it’s … Continue reading

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Lazing on a sunny afternoon…..

I don’t know why – or maybe I do – but I tend to NOT photograph crocodiles in zoos. Here’s one of the rare exceptions. False gharial (Tomistoma schlegeli) lazing in the Tierpark Berlin. I guess crocs rarely trigger my … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 24: Sir, are you gonna use that bag again?

Lesson: Keep your waste to yourself, do not throw it into enclosures! Photographed at Tierpark Berlin.

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Sometimes, science breeds hate relationships

Bob Bakker says to be “kind to colleagues, ruthless with theories”. No, I won’t stick my neck into some of the catfights currently going on, or just recently over. It’s enough that I can’t resist sending flippant or sarcastic answers … Continue reading

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Another AMNH panorama

When Steve Cohen sent me his Deinonychus panorama shot, he enclosed another panorama. Here it is: This is a typical example how you use panorama photography to get the same field of view as in a normal photograph, but have … Continue reading

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Digitizing lifts off

This is not the first or necessarily the best example, but it is cool: researchers at the University of Granada use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to photogrammetrize buildings. Or you can put other types of sensors on it…. FUN! At … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 19: the mysterious “Frickopod”

The Sauriermuseum Frick in Frick, Switzerland, exists because of the Tongrube Keller in Frick is one of the three localities in Europe yielding large numbers of skeletons of Plateosaurus. I’ll show you some of the finds at the end of … Continue reading

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