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Wyoming Wildlife 8: the fast and hooved

Pronghorns (Antilocapra americana) are cool! One evening at the Dana Quarry dig, driving to the shower, we happened onto a herd of does and not-so-young fawns. They looked at us with interest, and when the car stopped they took off…… … Continue reading

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Wyoming Wildlife 7: oh deer!

Our daily routine at the dig in Dana Quarry in Wyoming involved a car ride to the shower and to fetch potable water. I’ll have more to say about camp life later, including this shower. For now, it only matters … Continue reading

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Mystery ichnofossils – please help!

Today, I am asking for your help! If you have a few minutes and some knowledge of archosaur track fossils please help me with a track fossil project. Here’s a figure with outline tracings of tracks. I have intentionally not … Continue reading

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Wyoming Wildlife 6: more theropods (includes flying caprimulgids!)

Let’s get this over with: some grouse, I guess. I won’t bore you with myriad photos of small birds, as these mostly consist of a lot of sky or landscape with a tiny feathery dot near the middle. Pretty impressive, … Continue reading

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Wyoming Wildlife 5: dragonflies!

Yeah, I know, I am tossing those extant critters at you like there’s no tomorrow. Patience, young palaeo-padawan, dinosaurs to come. I mean to get the extant stuff done ASAP. What, you don’t like creepy crawly critters? OK, I’ll have … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 31: Wyoming Wildlife 4: awwwww, cute!

daily guest at our campsite.

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Wyoming Wildlife 3: arthropod alarm!

Luckily, we had few of these around. I am a vertebrate palaeontologist.

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