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Wyoming Wildlife 8: the fast and hooved

Pronghorns (Antilocapra americana) are cool! One evening at the Dana Quarry dig, driving to the shower, we happened onto a herd of does and not-so-young fawns. They looked at us with interest, and when the car stopped they took off…… … Continue reading

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Wyoming Wildlife 7: oh deer!

Our daily routine at the dig in Dana Quarry in Wyoming involved a car ride to the shower and to fetch potable water. I’ll have more to say about camp life later, including this shower. For now, it only matters … Continue reading

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Mystery ichnofossils – please help!

Today, I am asking for your help! If you have a few minutes and some knowledge of archosaur track fossils please help me with a track fossil project. Here’s a figure with outline tracings of tracks. I have intentionally not … Continue reading

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Wyoming Wildlife 6: more theropods (includes flying caprimulgids!)

Let’s get this over with: some grouse, I guess. I won’t bore you with myriad photos of small birds, as these mostly consist of a lot of sky or landscape with a tiny feathery dot near the middle. Pretty impressive, … Continue reading

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Wyoming Wildlife 5: dragonflies!

Yeah, I know, I am tossing those extant critters at you like there’s no tomorrow. Patience, young palaeo-padawan, dinosaurs to come. I mean to get the extant stuff done ASAP. What, you don’t like creepy crawly critters? OK, I’ll have … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 31: Wyoming Wildlife 4: awwwww, cute!

daily guest at our campsite.

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Wyoming Wildlife 3: arthropod alarm!

Luckily, we had few of these around. I am a vertebrate palaeontologist.

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Wyoming Wildlife 2: Rattlers!

At the dig I went to this summer there was the common-to-the-US-West risk of rattlesnakes. In contrast to the many other time when I was warned there might be some around, this time some were! Finally! more pics below the fold

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DigitalFossil 2012 2nd Circular

It’s finally done: I sent out the 2nd circular for the DigitalFossil 2012 conference! Here it is, too. The website now holds information on the workshops, go check them out! Some cool stuff 🙂

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A strange coincidence

As you all know by now, I recently visited the Dinosaur National Monument. More precisely, Dan Chure kindly showed me and Brooks Britt around the renovated and rebuilt Quarry Visitor Center – “…a building that will not fall on the … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 28: Wyoming wildlife 1 – Turkey vultures

When I spent nearly six weeks driving around the US West/Midwest in 2003, I didn’t see a single vulture that I got close enough to to take a good photo. Partly, my old digital camera is to blame (meagre zoom), … Continue reading

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Back home – and back to work!

I arrived in Berlin yesterday, at my beloved Tegel Airport, and am now back to work. As usually, there are tons of (mostly stupid and useless) emails to answer. Sigh! Not much time for blogging, and thus only a few … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 30: more Berlin wildlife

pre-scheduled post, written 31/07/2012. I am on my way home from Salt lake City. This time, it’s not “our” fox. It’s a young fox I saw this morning. He was inspecting a construction site when I drove by. Luckily, I … Continue reading

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Zion National Park preview

Just a preview of many more posts to come: a sunset in Zion National Park (wiki). The weather was not optimal, as it was extremely hazy. Still, HDR allowed some nice pictures to come out of this 🙂 more on … Continue reading

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Aligning photos for HDR in hugin

When I tried creating HDR images from some of the photos I took during field work I found that the automatic alignment didn’t work very well. That’s mostly caused by me shooting the photos hand-held, as no tripod or other … Continue reading

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