dinosaurpalaeo – a blog on dinosaurs and palaeontological topics, with a smattering of frustrated rants on third party funding, bureaucrap-cy, and life in general.

Note that the opinions expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone; I do not speak for anyone else, especially not for my employer, nor do I speak in my function as an employee.

You can email me at heinrich.mallison_AT_gmail.com

2 Responses to About

  1. Valentin says:

    Your blog is brilliant, keep it up! I’ve been passionate about dinosaurs ever since I was little and saw you-know-what-film. I’ve written a post recently about the science behind the idea of bringing back dinosaurs (largely based on previously mentioned film, obviously haha) I’d love to hear your views http://afrenchguyinlondon.com/2015/06/could-we-actually-bring-back-dinosaurs/. Please go easy :p

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