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RTFP becomes RTFS – on mis-citations and mis-representations in scientific works

Here’s a topic that has started to peeve me a lot, lately. It is a spin-off, or rather a development out of, the old RTFP adage. RTFP means Read the …. paper (I’ll leave it to your imagination what the … Continue reading

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Photogrammetry tutorial 3: turntables

Previously, I said this series of posts wouldn’t be about the easy cases, the specimens you can photogrammetrize if you’ve got the brain of an amoeba an a cell phone camera from 1995. So remember: sometimes, much less effort is … Continue reading

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Dinosaur mounts at the NHM L.A.: Triceratops

In the previous post on the L.A. NHM I gave a quick all-around introduction. Now, it is time to take a closer look at some of the mounted skeletons, and talk a bit about how they are set up in … Continue reading

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