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Mammal Monday (MPoD 8): I sh*t you not!

Mammal pic of the day 8 shows more of our little rock-climbing friend and colleagues.

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SVP is getting near

On Tuesday a blogging hiatus will very likely start, because the hotel in Las Vegas wants a whopping $12.99 a DAY for Internet access. I was lazy and didn’t set up any posts for this time because I am too … Continue reading

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The MFN exhibition: Sauriersaal’s Far Side

When I took my tripod to the Sauriersaal to take a Diplodocus panorama I used the opportunity to get good shots of the other dinosaurs as well. Here’s the Far Side of Diplodocus, dominated by Giraffatitan. (click through for full … Continue reading

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Places I’ve been, dinosaurs I’ve seen 4.2: More SMA dig

Previously, I showed a total of the digsite as it was roughly at middle of my stay at the Sauriermuseum’s dig season 2003. It is the Howe-Stephens-Quarry, a scant 100 meters I guess from the Howe Quarry, but situated some … Continue reading

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non-palaeo: what’s the harm?

When I argue for vaccination or getting a CT scan, against homeopathy, faith healing, astrology or Scientology, I often get asked “What’s the harm?”. Here are some examples. h/t to Ed Brayton

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Open access baby steps

A tiny step, but in the right direction: The Royal Society has made its journal archive open access. Now why do I call this baby steps? Here’s why:   “all articles more than 70 years old will be made permanently … Continue reading

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Places I’ve been, dinosaurs I’ve seen 4: The SMA’s dig in Wyoming 1

During my great US trip in 2003 I visited many museums and spent a lot of time camping in the Rockies, Shoshone National Forest, Yellowstone, and many other places. The highlight, however, was volunteering at the dinosaur dig of the … Continue reading

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