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Panorama stitching – automated or manual?

There’s a very nice guy named Steve Cohen volunteering at the AMNH as a fossil explainer. Steve stumbled across this blog and offered to take some pictures of AMNH stuff for me. Obviously, I said ‘no thanks’…. . . . … Continue reading

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Plateo-bot 5: mounting the beast

Robby Gilbert of Billings Productions Inc. kindly emailed me some photos of the Plateo-bot being mounted at the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, FL.

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Theropod Thursday 13

Back from a very (too) short holiday at the Baltic Sea, and ready to resume blogging. However, there’s too much on my plate tonight for a long post, so I’ll simply throw a theropod photo your way that I took … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 16: doubled!

This is one of those pictures where I always need to look twice: one or two? Giant Anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) with less-giant anteater (but still quite impressively sized) in the Stuttgart zoo and botanical garden Wilhelma (another wiki article in … Continue reading

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Fudging journal statistics

It’s time for a rant again, one that has been simmering for a long time now. The topic: the way some journals pervert the review process in order to make their stats look better than they are. Good statistics? What’s … Continue reading

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Unusual perspectives

The MFN has a great dinosaur hall – just ask Mike Taylor and Matt Wedel! However, the public is limited to looking at the beasts from the ground. There are upstairs windows, and previously I have taken advantage of their … Continue reading

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RBINS photogrammetry: Stan

I’ve been playing around with photogrammetry a lot, lately, and use the opportunity in Brussels to take a ton of pictures of the many mounts. Of the cast of Stan the Tyrannosaurus rex I took some 350 photos! Some of … Continue reading

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