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Panorama stitching – automated or manual?

There’s a very nice guy named Steve Cohen volunteering at the AMNH as a fossil explainer. Steve stumbled across this blog and offered to take some pictures of AMNH stuff for me. Obviously, I said ‘no thanks’…. . . . … Continue reading

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Plateo-bot 5: mounting the beast

Robby Gilbert of Billings Productions Inc. kindly emailed me some photos of the Plateo-bot being mounted at the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, FL.

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Theropod Thursday 13

Back from a very (too) short holiday at the Baltic Sea, and ready to resume blogging. However, there’s too much on my plate tonight for a long post, so I’ll simply throw a theropod photo your way that I took … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 16: doubled!

This is one of those pictures where I always need to look twice: one or two? Giant Anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) with less-giant anteater (but still quite impressively sized) in the Stuttgart zoo and botanical garden Wilhelma (another wiki article in … Continue reading

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Fudging journal statistics

It’s time for a rant again, one that has been simmering for a long time now. The topic: the way some journals pervert the review process in order to make their stats look better than they are. Good statistics? What’s … Continue reading

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Unusual perspectives

The MFN has a great dinosaur hall – just ask Mike Taylor and Matt Wedel! However, the public is limited to looking at the beasts from the ground. There are upstairs windows, and previously I have taken advantage of their … Continue reading

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RBINS photogrammetry: Stan

I’ve been playing around with photogrammetry a lot, lately, and use the opportunity in Brussels to take a ton of pictures of the many mounts. Of the cast of Stan the Tyrannosaurus rex I took some 350 photos! Some of … Continue reading

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RBINS Tour 3: a whaleth of skeletons!

Nope, not a typo, but a stupid play on words. The RBINS has a pretty awesome and well-stocked exhibit of whales. There’s a whale in the entrance hall, but hidden away on the top floor in the farthest-away corner is … Continue reading

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Plateo-bot 4: getting real

The Plateosaurus robot was finally going from maquette to the real thing (i.e., the full size model) when Robby Gilbert sent these pictures:

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Mammal Monday 15: I need a rest!

Baby hippo (Hippopotamus amphibius) with mom in The Zoo Berlin. Picture dates from November 14, 2011, when the little one was less than three weeks old. Two more below the fold.

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Happy Hopping!

John The Hutch of the Freezers has been croaking on Twitter about the anurans in his garden for a while. This weekend, spring and with it the frgos arrived in our neck of the woods, too.

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RBINS Tour 2: other dinosaurs

The Brussels museum has more to show than iguanodons, much more. Today, I want to walk you through the dinosaurs very quickly, although I have to admit that I was only looking at complete mounts during this trip (reasons remains … Continue reading

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RBINS Tour 1: Bernissart iguanodons

Going by memory here, please correct me if I am wrong! The RBINS hides behind one of the ugliest buildings in Brussels – and that’s saying a lot! In fact, The Ugly is the collections tower (says a friend who … Continue reading

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Brussels 2: an overview of the RBINS

A quickie, just because I am so happy that a nice person at sorceforge found how I could get my hugin to run again. Here’s a panorama view into the main dinosaur hall of the RBINS‘s (Royal Belgian Institute of … Continue reading

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a preview of things to come

It’s be very quiet here because of my ten-day trip, during which I partly had no internet, partly spent whole days on the road, and partly was quite ill. Right now I am way too busy to write anything nearing … Continue reading

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