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Palaeontology of SW Germany 2.2: Keuper

Previously, I gave a quick overview of the Buntsandstein and Muschelkalk in SW Germany, now we finally make it into the Keuper. Archosaur time! Luckily, SW Germany went dry again after the Middle Triassic, and the lowermost part of the … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 36: ooh-hu, uh-Hu

Obviously, I took my new camera along when I went to the Tierpark Friedrichsfelde in Berlin a few days ago. The weather was not too good, rainy with dark cloud cover, and I would have preferred the Zoo Berlin, which … Continue reading

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new camera

As some have already noted I recently bought a new camera. No, sadly not for me, but for my work project. Thus I can use it for all research-related issues, but for my private stuff it will still be my … Continue reading

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All but one – Archaeopteryx from the MfN special exhibit UPDATED

The article previously published here has led to misunderstandings; some saw it as sharp criticism of the MfN. In fact, the issue was not even central to the article. If anything, I wanted to laud the MfN for making the … Continue reading

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Mystery photo 4 resolved, and more stuffed birds

Yesterday, it didn’t take very long for someone to solve Mystery Photo 4 (well done!): the picture was a close up of feathers of the Grey Peacock-Pheasant (Polyplectron bicalcaratum). This stuffed bird has nothing to do with the US’ annual … Continue reading

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Mystery photo 4

well, what is this?

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Theropod Thursday 35: the original Archaeopteryx

The wings of Archaeopteryx just made the news again in a big way with the publication of a paper in Current Biology. It is – bah! – sadly not freely available here. The authors show that the wings of feathered … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 41: more of Urzeit Park’s Cenozoic

The Urzeit Park in Germendorf has been featured before. Today it is finally time for the remaining pictures of their mammal models and other post-K/T stuff. Let’s start with the animals I had previously figured, but with better photos. Paraceratherium. As … Continue reading

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Digging Wyoming dinosaurs – accessories

If you go to the American West to dig dinosaurs, what clothing do you need to take? And, for those so inclined, what about stuff beyond the pure need to survive? let me give you some pointers (some a bit … Continue reading

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No, not what you think. I’m not going to talk about going out, drinking and dancing – while my blog sometimes strays pretty far from dinosaurs (for which I got scolded by a certain Peter F. from the UK), “clubbing” … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 34: two African corvids

I love corvids, I am fascinated by them. There, I admitted it. Here’s two more, both from Africa and both in a black&white colour scheme. White-necked raven (Corvus albicollis). Note the strongly curved and thick beak. I made very sure … Continue reading

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Stuff to check out

Busy busy busy here. Thus, only a few links to check out today: cool vid, showing what you can do with Photoscan and 3dsMax. Funny result, too. David Maas of brainpets was at EVA 2012 Berlin, too. And he sketched … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 40: U shittin’ me?

this one provoked much laughter, especially with the kids.  

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The end of an era

This weekend I am at the 18th Meeting of the Research Unit (Forschergruppe – FOR) 533 “Biology of the Sauropod Dinosaurs: The Evolution of Gigantism” of the German Science Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft – DFG). It will be the last meeting, … Continue reading

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EVA Berlin 2012 – some immediate reactions

Just a short list of impressions from the conference – interestingly mostly the same as from DigitalFossil 2012 – archaeologists and art historians are a decade ahead of palaeontologists with regards to some 3D techniques and databases. – with regards … Continue reading

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