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Places I’ve been, dinosaurs I’ve seen 5.1: SMA

Today, let’s check out the Sauriermuseum Aathal! Previously, I already posted pics of their wonderful Camarasaurus specimen “E.T.”, but the SMA has much more to offer. In the words of Martin Sander, head of the Research Group on Sauropod Gigantism, … Continue reading

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more of Urzeit Park

Back from a blogging hiatus owed to a sinus operation (I’ll live), here’s more on the Urzeit Park. It makes some kind of sense to go through the park era by era, after all that’s how it is structured. But … Continue reading

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DigitalFossil Berlin 2012 – Call for Abstracts

For all those who might have missed it: the Call for Abstracts for the meeting in Berlin that Daniela an I are organizing in fall. Spiced up for the visually dominated with a nice digital fossil pic. Dear colleagues, The … Continue reading

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How to………. 4: cite and reference

Before, I gave hints on how to structure a paper and on how to get a paper ready for submission. The one thing I didn’t dwell on was how to handle citations (when you refer to someone else’s work in … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 10: Treecycling

After Christmas, German towns are soon full of Christmas tree waiting to be carted away. Most are simply treated as rubbish and end up in incinerator plants. Some, however, don’t……

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Mounting a skeleton: bones or casts?

If a museum plans to exhibit a new dinosaur (or fossil mammal) skeleton, the first question that needs to be answered is whether to mount the real fossils, or casts of them. In some cases, the decision is fairly easy, … Continue reading

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Mancunian Musings

It’s been rather quiet here lately, mostly caused by a quick trip to Manchester. I met with Karl Bates and Peter Falkingham to discuss research, and partook of a number of beverages in a local establishment with Peter, Jonathan Codd … Continue reading

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