Theropod Thursday 9

A tad late, admittedly: here’s another non-avian theropod. This time, in contrast to the ever-present Allosaurus fragilis, a theropod many people don’t even know exists.

(click through for 25 MB full size version)

panorama photo of Elaphrosaurus bambergi from Tendaguru in the MFN‘s Hall of Dinosaurs.

I’ve shown this one before, in anterior view. Note that the skull wasn’t found, and thus is modeled on other theropods. Elaphrosaurus may well have had a toothless, beaked skull of much smaller size.

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3 Responses to Theropod Thursday 9

  1. Janensch does suppose a large number of smallish-sized teeth foudn near, around the skeleton or just in the Tendaguru generally pertain to Elaphro…. Reference to Noasaurus leali and the like implies it could be toothed, although obviously with Limusaurus inextricabilis this is more ambiguous. I wonder, though, that Janensch was probably right.

    • Yep – either way is possible. Overall, it is somewhat surprising how little theropod material came out of Tendaguru. And I always wonder what became of the “complete theropod skull with teeth” that was found by splitting a block of matrix – it somehow got lost and never made it to Berlin.

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