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Mammal Monday 29: another rodent

Admittedly, I showed this pic before, albeit with a different focus. Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus), albeit a white, laboratory one. scroll down for the picture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … Continue reading

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they caved – victory is mine!

Remember the rental car company trying to screw me?  Part 1, part 2. Today I received the letter in which they folded and slunk back into their dirty hole! How did I achieve this? First of all, by being right … Continue reading

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The Ozeaneum in Stralsund part 4

Yes, you’ve suffered through enough of this – but don’t get your hopes up, I have some more photos for a final part. And 200+ photos more of the old Meeresmuseum to post 😀 Here’s the link list for the … Continue reading

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Botany photo break

Summer finally arrived in Germany, and I used yesterday’s sunny weather to take some photos of plants and insects in our garden. Mainly because I wanted to see if the many hints and tips on photographing these things I found … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 27: The Food Thief – an avian drama in two acts

Cast thief                              Corvus cornix aggrieved owner       Tachyeres pteneres Location: Tierpark Friedrichsfelde, Berlin, enclosure for Spheniscus humboldti and Tachyeres pteneres. Act 1 T: quack! hiss. (Yo, punk! That’s my bowl, git off it!) C: [gulps down more food] T: QUACK! Hiss … Continue reading

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Pigeon sex – more than one male wants a go

When I arrived at the meeting point in Teruel for the bus departure to the EAVP 2012 field trip I witnessed this: pretty rough! Theropods are not really kind to each other.

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Tortoise sex – she wants no part of it

or why you should not have food hanging out of your mouth when hitting on a girl. so here he’s making good progress….. but:

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