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2011 dinosaurpalaeo in retrospective

This blog is today less than four months old. I published the first post on September 9, and a whopping 102 more since then.That’s an average of almost one post per day, despite SVP, SauroBonn, and Christmas holiday. Where did … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 7: AMNH Allosaurus

Dave Hone has posted a bunch of Allosaurus mounts and skull lately, but now promised that end that spell. I guess it is time for me to add another one that Dave didn’t include.

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An unintentional, plateosaurid Christmas present

Someone unintentionally gave me a Christmas present, and it has Plateosaurus in it – what more can I ever want?

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Vintage dinosaurs Berlin style

The peerless David Orr has a very nice post up at Love in the times of chasmosaurs on vintage dinosaur art. I read it just before I took the family to the Berlin zoo yesterday. There, they have some palaeoart, … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 6: the Big Al(losaurus) that maybe wasn’t

Confusing title, I admit. But it makes perfect sense 😉 When I visited the UMNH (previous posts here and here) they had a skeletal mount on visit. I didn’t post any pictures of it before because I was too lazy … Continue reading

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Dinopic of the day 17: for old times sake

It’s been quite a while since I showed a non-theropod besides Plateosaurus here. So I now dug through my folders and found a few pictures I took at the Utah Museum of Natural History. I have previously written about the … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 6: cute carnivore

Cute and carnivorous, how do these go together? Via a babyface! Look, ain’t it cute?

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Botany break 1

There’s been awfully little botany on this blog so far, considering how important plants are to dinosaurs (as fodder, admittedly). Time to have some, then, preferably in a geology context. Here are a few pictures I took in the vicinity … Continue reading

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Cool blogs

Being a very inexperienced blogger I have to admit that I basically “know nothing” about the so-called blogosphere. Every day I stumble across some blog ‘everybody’ knows – just not me! And there is so much great stuff out there, … Continue reading

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Paleonturology 2011

This morning, I received an email that triggered three different reaction in about 9 seconds: “Must be SPAM”, “Must be a practical joke”, and finally “WOW!” What’s this about?

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Theropod Thursday 5: Diversity!

Couldn’t upload pictures for a few hours today, upload system down, thus the post is a bit late. Sorry! Today, let’s have a short look at the diversity of extant dinosaurs. OK, admittedly all I can offer is theropods, and … Continue reading

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Ersatz for Mammal Monday 5

I didn’t get around to post a mammal pic on Monday, and not even yesterday. Afterpains of the Bonn meeting. Also, had Matt Wedel over for dinner yesterday. So here’s Ersatz:

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Bloodbath part 2: more outrageous stupidity in the EB Illustrated Science Library series

Previously, I limited my dissection of the Encyclopedia Britannica Illustrated Science Library series to the preview of the “Reptiles and Dinosaurs” volume you can get from their website. Now, I’ll bring you more of the stupidity and idiocy, the sloppy … Continue reading

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Plateosaurus and taxonomic nitpicking

Recently out is a great paper redescribing the skull of AMNH FARB 6810 (link is to free download), one of the best specimens of Plateosaurus. The authors are Albert Prieto-Márquez and Mark A. Norell (P-M&N, to save me some typing … Continue reading

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Sauropod Meeting in Bonn

I am currently at the 2nd International Meeting of the German Research Foundation‘s Research Unit 533 ‘Biology of the Sauropod Dinosaurs: The Evolution of Gigantism‘. SVPOW post here. It is great fun, with many experts on sauropods and other dinosaurs … Continue reading

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