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more London Zoo

The London Zoo is heavy on birds, a smart move for a place with little space. One walk-through aviary has a little pond with ducks, and also has Hammerkops (Scopus umbretta). Weird birds, note the crossed-over tips of the beak! … Continue reading

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Science preview elucidation

Yesterday I showed you a sneak preview on some research I am doing. That triggered some rather incredulous emails and private messages, especially after I hinted in a comment that the artificial track is from Plateosaurus. After all, Plateosaurus lived … Continue reading

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Corvids are even cooler than you think!

Yeah, I’m a corvid fan, as any regular reader of this blog would know if there were any 😉 Now I stumbled across a PLOS ONE article that’s just too good not to mention here: Behavioral Responses to Inequity in … Continue reading

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Science sneak preview

A sneak preview on some of the science stuff I do. The track is the type of Eubrontes (?) glenrosensis SHULER, published by Adams et al. in Palaeontologia Electronica in 2010. The toes in it – that’ll have to wait, … Continue reading

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London Zoo mock birdfight

Two Robins fighting in the London Zoo featured in yesterdays Theropod Thursday, and I mentioned that I also saw zoo-kept birds mock fighting. Let’s meet the contestants. A pair of Striated Caracara (Phalcoboenus australis). The two of them were putting … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 43: London Zoo birdfight

No, I did NOT see birds kept at the London Zoo fighting – although I did see birds kept at the London Zoo mock fighting. They were in different cages with a common mesh, and from both sides fly at … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 46: KNUT!!!

Ok, this is overdue since Friday, and it is not something I will say much about, but here’s Knut. Why am I not saying much? For one thing, the museum has an official opinion, and I agree with the general … Continue reading

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Want to sponsor palaeontological research? Here’s your chance!

By now I guess the vast majority of people has heard of Dave Hone’s attempt to crowdsource a really cool project on cannibalism in giant tyrannosaurs. If you know what I am talking about and haven’t made a donation yet, … Continue reading

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London Zoo 2: Komodo dragons

Yesterday evening I made it back to Berlin – for once, the flight was quite empty (as had been the flight to London). I wonder if that’s because of the flight times or because I was flying British Airways, Decidedly … Continue reading

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Darwin Day 2013 at the RVC

It is my last day here at the Royal Veterinary College London, and what better place to spend Darwin Day (wikipedia and Darwin Day Foundation) than here? Just look at this photo of a small part of John of the … Continue reading

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I get email

Whenever you’re somehow exposed to the public as a specialist for anything, you get email. From colleagues, from amateurs – and from kooks. I certainly do not qualify for the kinds of carzy, batshit insane and often hateful stuff much … Continue reading

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London Zoo 1

I really should start this series of posts with one that gives my general impression of the London Zoo and all that, but I am simply too busy right now. Thus it will be photo-heavy posts on individual animals (or … Continue reading

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London Zoo preview

Busy, busy, busy here – thus just a short preview of posts to come on the London Zoo.

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Coming up: giraffe times at the RVC

Tomorrow I am heading over to London to spend a few days with John of the Freezers Hutchinson and Vivian Allen at the Royal Veterinary College. We’ll be doing SIMM modelling of giraffe limbs – yay! You may remember that … Continue reading

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Mammal Monday 45: more mammals from the cold

A sleepy Aliurus fulgens at the Tierpark Berlin. Posted before, but photographed in summer. To some animals, with sufficient fur, it just doesn’t matter if it cold or not, or if there is snow on the ground or not. OK, … Continue reading

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