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EAVP 2016 at Haarlem’s Teylers Museum (2)

In the first post of this series I gave a short introduction to the town of Haarlem (NL), because although it is not very dinosaurian or otherwise palaeontological, and thus should not get a post of its own, it does … Continue reading

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EAVP 2016 at Haarlem’s Teylers Museum (1)

After all the recent photogrammetry posts it is high time to get away from “stuff that somehow has to do with dinosaurs a little bit” and finally write again about dinosaurs themselves. Which is why I now will write about … Continue reading

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Theropod Thursday 35: the original Archaeopteryx

The wings of Archaeopteryx just made the news again in a big way with the publication of a paper in Current Biology. It is – bah! – sadly not freely available here. The authors show that the wings of feathered … Continue reading

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Sometimes, science breeds hate relationships

Bob Bakker says to be “kind to colleagues, ruthless with theories”. No, I won’t stick my neck into some of the catfights currently going on, or just recently over. It’s enough that I can’t resist sending flippant or sarcastic answers … Continue reading

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