My absolutely wonderful Christmas presents from Claudia Hahn

Claudia Hahn is a great artist (you find her on Facebook or twitter @Claudia_Hahn). Out of the blue she sent Christmas presents for the kids and me. The ones for the children are already on Facebook. Here’s what I got, along with a gem: a copy of a wonderful old Dodo engraving and the accompanying text – which goes on how the extinction of the Dodo is no loss because they tasted bad.

Claudia lives in London, but grew up in the same part of Germany as I did, which got us immediately reminiscing about digging fossils in the Germany Lias when we found out. She is a great artist, and the two illustrations she sent are absolutely beautiful.


A sunbittern (Eurypyga helias) displaying its wings. I recently posted photos of Kagus (Rhynochetos jubatus), their closest relatives, who do a similar display. Claudia loved them, so I guess that’s what triggered her choice of this illustration as a present for me. It is absolutely stunning!

The other piece is titled “Monday Morning”….


you can also find it on Facebook in Claudia’s album. Claudia wrote about it: Those little ones are all the annoying things I’m supposed to do today. No point in chasing them away, they will just come back. >.<
and that’s just what my immediate thought was when I first saw this wonderful Nautilus being nagged by the little happy birds. Just check out the “look” on the “face” of the poor tired animal!

Claudia has a way of drawing with a very light touch that I greatly admire, and an incredible eye for detail. She’s a real pro, and I look forward very much to finally meeting her in real life – ideally with a fossil hunting trip to somewhere in the SE of Britain involved – when I’m next over in London.

Claudia, thank you very much for two absolutely stunning and wonderful presents!

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