Drawing dinosaurs – first attempt

Recently, I happened to be able to record my 3-year old son’s first attempt at drawing a “longneck-dinosaur”. And a huge dinosaur at that, on a chalk board. The thing is about 1 m 50 long, draw with its head slightly above Adrian’s head height. I was somewhat impressed, although the tail is missing. Adrian explained that by saying that “a biting-dino has eaten it!!!”

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7 Responses to Drawing dinosaurs – first attempt

  1. dmaas says:

    Collect all the kids’ drawings! We can make a doodlesaurus day, inviting anyone interested to interpret their drawings in a adrawing of their own… that’s a fun speed paint exercize.

  2. Mike from Ottawa says:

    Your son’s done a great job on perspective, showing the sauropod leaning toward him as if to sniff him. Or at least that’s what I’d say if it were my drawing.

    The kid is fortunate. In a world where so many folk work at jobs shuffling paper (albeit electronically), his dad studies dinosaurs. That would have made him a god in my grade school.

  3. Louise says:

    From my experience (pre-electronic devices), all children go through a “dinosaur phase.” (Mine was at the age of 30!) Your son is very lucky to have a knowledgeable father, and the real bones and dioramas to study – not just some badly drawn animation!

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