Dinopic of the day 7: Steelosaurus

Admittedly, what I am showing today is not a real dinosaur. But still a very good mount. The coracoids could be a bit closer together, but the hands aren’t floppy, and the neck is S-curved. The trunk looks good, too, and so do the limbs.

The Allosaurus (thanks, Tom! I can’t keep non-sauropodomorphs apart) can be found at the main crossroads of Thermopolis, WY, the town that is home to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center (as so often, more on that later). Sadly, I have no idea who made the model, but I suspect that then-science director of the WDC Scott Hartmann (of skeletaldrawing.org fame) had a hand in it. Of the many theropods splattered over the Midwest and West, this is certainly one of the scientifically more accurate and aesthetically pleasing.

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2 Responses to Dinopic of the day 7: Steelosaurus

  1. Nice mount, but it is an Allosaurus. (Among other things, check out lacrimal horn, three-fingered manus, non-arctometatarsalian foot).

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